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We offer not just a refraction test (glasses power check) but comprehensive eye screening services including cataract, glaucoma and Age-related macular degeneration screening. The eye pressure test is free! Pop in to get your eye pressure checked today!

Concerned about your or your child’s power increment? We offer various options to keep the power increment in control. There is no way to stop the power increment in children as they are fast growing and so are their eyeballs (elongation of the eyeball results in power increment) but we have ways to slow down the increment.

Our optometrist is trained to do complex contact lens fitting including Rose-K for kerotoconic patients, patients presented with high astigmatism which cannot be corrected by soft lenses, presbyopic contact lens patients who required clear distance and near vision, and many more. The previous said conditions are too serious to be your problems and you just need to wear your contact lenses longer hours more comfortably? We are here to help with whatever problems you have with your contact lenses and vision.

What is dispensing? The World Council of Optometry defines dispensing as the act of issuing an optical appliance which corrects, remedies or relieves defects of vision. But to us, it is more than that. It is more than prescribing a pair of glasses that gives clear vision, but a pair of glasses that you would love wearing because of comfort it gives. No more dent/mark on the side of your nose and no more pressure on the ears from poor adjustment of the optical frame.

We hand-grind certain lenses!

We design a new shape for your favorite ever-green rimless frame.

We conduct visual acuity tests required for your international driving license.

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We have a diverse range of premium eye products, ranging from brands like Lindberg to Mykita.

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